private coaching

How private coaching works

My private clients work with me one-on-one. My coaching is a hybrid of traditional coaching and consulting. It’s deep, and connected. You talk. I listen. I ask questions and challenge you. We tap your inner wisdom to get to what truly matters to you at your core. I check in with my intuition and ask bigger questions. We explore. We talk things out. I share resources and what I’ve seen work well. You take aligned action. Your foundation is strengthened. Your integrity soars. Your life changes.

I don’t do coaching programs because who you are is intrinsically different from everyone else, so are your coaching needs, and I’m interested in working with you wherever you are. I don’t do groups, because although I see the value in the group dynamic, I find one-on-one coaching far more powerful for everyone—myself included.

My clients meet with me by phone for 45 minutes, twice each month. Recognizing that life and work don’t happen in neatly packaged, telephone sessions each month, you’re welcome to reach out to me in between calls, as much as you need to via email. I mean that. If you reach out, I’ll reach back. Sometimes within minutes because you’re a priority for me.

I don’t require any sort of length of coaching commitment, but I do ask new clients to plan on at least three months. I can be of benefit immediately, but to really dig into stuff takes some time. Most of my clients choose to work with me for years, as they value having my counsel through the inevitable twists and turns of life and work.

I do realize that many people feel they need to know the direction that their coaching will take. If that’s you, what I’ve just shared may make you feel all squiggly inside. The best that I can do to help with that is tell you that, in general, here’s what we’ll do together: We’ll first figure out who you are, where you are and what’s going on. Then we’ll figure out who and where you want to be. Next, we’ll decide what people and resources you’ll need for the journey. And lastly, we’ll determine the right path or route for you to take. At that point, you can take off on your own, or continue to let me ride with you on the road’s inevitable twists and turns. That’s the fun part. 🙂

Who I am in the coaching relationship

I work deeply and closely with each of my clients. I love being in the soup, as it were, with them, and every one of them is a VIP client for me. I do my best work proactively, so I enjoy working with clients who want me more, rather than less, involved in their lives and work. If you wanna do your thang and come running to me only when you have a problem, I can handle that, but not in my private practice. If that’s what you want, you want on-the-spot coaching, available here.

The depth I mention is not to say that there’s an inappropriate amount of interaction, just that in working with me, you’ll get a great deal of attention and focus because my goal is to truly be of service to you—not to be a guru who tosses you a few well-honed phrases, and chuckles delightedly about how little time she worked to earn her fee (not sour grapes; you know those people exist, and I want you to know, without a doubt, that I’m not one of them).

I am compassionate, loving, gentle and directive; a perfect blend of coach, consultant, and wise woman. I’m a noticer and dot-connector. I’m a bullshit caller-outer. I’m a reminderer of who you are and what you say you most want. I’m a safe harbor—and a way-maker. I’m perfectly imperfect and I walk my talk. I always show up 100%. If I have what you need, it will be yours. If I don’t, I’ll help you find it. I will believe in you completely and support you in creating a foundation that will support your unwavering belief in yourself. If you already have that foundation and that unwavering belief, I’ll help you use them to go wherever you want to go next.

Who you need to be in the coaching relationship

To work be successful in working with me, you need to be:

  • Open. Open to possibility, open to exploring—even when doing so pushes you, and open to change.
  • Committed and ready to do the work on yourself and/or your business.
  • Convinced that you need help with your foundation and integrity.
  • 100% responsible for your own experiences and life.
  • A believer in something bigger than yourself.
  • A believer (even if the belief is tenuous at this moment) that grind, hustle, and self-sacrifice are not necessary on the road to the success you want.
  • Drama free.
  • Trigger free.  We all have stuff that pisses us off from time to time. But if you are set off frequently enough that phrases like “I was triggered,” or “That’s a trigger for me,” have become part of your parlance, you have inner work to complete before working with me.

I don’t expect you to be perfect (I don’t hold myself to that standard, either!), and these qualities are non-negotiables for me.

Your investment in private coaching

The way I charge for coaching is in alignment with my deepest value—love. Coaching is a way for me to love people in a business context. So, I share coaching in exchange for what I’ve come to call “love offerings.” The idea? We coach, and at the end of the month, you decide what you will pay me based on what you can afford, and the value you feel I helped create for you.  That’s it.

It feels loving and right for me to do it this way, yet I understand that it’s not the norm and can feel a bit difficult. I want you to be comfortable; maybe this will help.

Next steps

To explore the possibility of coaching with me, please schedule a complimentary exploration call with me (there’s a beautiful button below!), tell me a bit about yourself and what’s going on for you, and we’ll dive into discussing possibilities. I want you to work with the perfect coach for you, and will support you in finding that person—whether or not it’s me.

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