on-the-spot coaching

How on-the-spot coaching works

If there’s something going on that you’d like support with, but you don’t think you want to retain someone for an on-going coaching relationship, consider doing some on-the-spot coaching with me.

My experience of this is that while some people want to schedule several calls with me, many can get what they need from me in a single call of 30 or 60 minutes (the two call lengths I offer).

Fundamentally, you decide how much time you want, get in touch, we schedule a time to talk, you let me know what we’re going to tackle (so I can be up to speed once we’re on the phone and we can quickly get down to business), and then we’ll go for it.

Have a challenge you need help with? See an opportunity and want to know the best way to take advantage of it? Just need a little help with your Moxie? Need help with operational issues? Not sure if your infrastructure can support your next grand idea? Want an opinion about an opportunity that’s come your way and that you’re not sure about? Need someone to instantly mirror you back to yourself when you don’t have the bandwidth to see things clearly? Struggling with a relationship? Need support with time management?

I’m your girl for that and ever so much more.

Fees for on-the-spot coaching

I coach in exchange for “love offerings,” which means you decide what to pay me based on what you can afford, and the value I provide to you. Honest. Clean. Perfect. I do understand that it’s not the norm and can feel a bit difficult. I want you to be comfortable; maybe this will help.  I accept payment via Google Wallet and PayPal (your choice).

When you’re ready, schedule a call and let’s dive in together.