love offerings

If I could, I would sit on a rock in the middle of a beautiful meadow, and coach all comers for free. It would be my honor and joy.

Maybe that’s something I’m growing toward. Maybe that’s something I recall doing from another lifetime. Maybe it comes from studying about and feeling immensely drawn toward how, in various traditions, teachers are provided for by their students and their communities, freeing them up to do their heart’s work.

We don’t have that here in the US, and as much as that would thrill me, I have bills to pay like everyone else, and so I need to be paid for my work.

My ability to work for love offerings really depends on a generosity of spirit on your part. It requires you to pay what you can afford, as generously as possible. And as your business and life improve, your generosity in this regard should, as well.

My willingness to work this way is not meant to be a way for you to get coaching “cheap” so you can use your money to pay other professionals for other things. That’s not generous—in spirit or in any other way. Nor is it generous for me to expect you to pay so much that you suffer as a result. This is partly why I no longer charge the way I used to, or what I used to. In case it’s helpful to you in some way, if I were to charge a more “traditional” fee, private coaching would be about $1000/month, and on-the-spot coaching would be $150 for 30 minutes.

Because this model isn’t common, and because I’ve found people really struggle to figure out what’s appropriate, below is a guide you can use in considering whether you can be appropriately generous with me. Bear in mind that the difference between On-the-Spot coaching and 1:1 coaching is that 1:1 coaching gives you a relationship with me throughout each month, with easy access to me and my ongoing attention to you in addition to two 45-minute long phone sessions. OTS gives you a phone session with me and whatever goodness we accomplish together in that single session.

For 1:1 private coaching

  • I expect that your generosity will extend, at a minimum level, to $200 per month. If we’re working on your business, as you do better, what you offer should be more generous.

For on-the-spot coaching

  • I expect that your generosity will extend, at a minimum level, to $45 for 30 minutes with me, and $90 for one hour with me. I also expect that you’ll be able to make your love offering within two business days of the day we coach.

For those hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak

  • If you lost your job/had to close your service business, have been sick and are trying to get back into the swing of things, and are making zero dollars, my heart aches for you. Know that if you reach out to me and I think I can help you, I will do an on-the-spot session with you for free. 🥰

And if you can only be financially generous at the minimum levels, please consider that you can be additionally generous in other ways. Being additionally generous to me may be in the form of gifts. One woman gave me beautiful stationery that she’d made. Another gave me tomatoes from her garden. Telling people about me and how I’ve helped you is awesome—I love referrals. I’ve received time and skill-based gifts as well—maybe you know how to do something that would be useful to me.

There are many ways to be generous with me beyond the minimum. Trust your heart to know what to offer, and trust me to be delighted. ♥