pick my brain

Not exactly coaching, but certainly a way to get my support when you need it most. Now it’s easier than ever!

It’s a big brain, with all sorts of uber useful things in it–especially about entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, virtual work and business, and virtual assistance. People ask to pick it all the time. Now, there are two ways for you to do just that.

  • Write me and ask whatever you want to know. If it’s VA or small biz-related and chosen to be answered, I’ll answer it in a future blog post on AssistU, or Work With a VA at no charge to you. I’ll also email you to let you know when you can expect to see your answer.
  • I’ll answer you privately for $25.

Have a question about standards? Just one question about something that’s a problem with a client? Wonder what the best solution would be to a tech challenge? Need to beef up your infrastructure? Is someone ripping off your intellectual property and you don’t know what to do?

Pick my brain!

Wonder why you’re unhappy in your biz or not doing as well as you think you should be?

Pick my brain!

Wonder what the best tool or program might be for your situation (or a client’s)?

You got it–pick my brain!

Whatever you need, toss me that one special question you’ve been dying to get an answer to, and I’ll take it on, sending you back a genuinely thoughtful, well-developed answer.

And because fair is fair, if you stump me, I’ll gladly refund your money.All I ask is that you make the question clear enough for the average joe to understand (so I don’t have to spend time getting you to clarify what you’re asking). This is a way to get some real value, not a way to see how many hoops I’ll jump through for a smooth $25. I’m very helpful, but I don’t jump. 🙂

Want the free option? Email me at a @ anastaciabrice dot com. Include your first name, and whatever your question is with as much detail as you can offer. The better your question, the more likely I’ll choose it for answering, and the better my answer to you will be

Want the private answer option? Click below to pay for your answer. Give me your question in the “comments” field. Be sure to include a valid email address or I won’t be able to get your answer to you!

Let me pick your brain, Anastacia!