The very-kind things people have shared about me:

Anastacia came highly recommended to me a few years ago when I had the idea to open a business and needed some “general” guidance. After talking to her, I immediately knew that she was “the one.” Well, to my pleasant surprise, I got so much more than “general” – I got an amazing mentor, that is not only a brilliant businesswoman and understands the inner workings of people and businesses, but has the uncanny ability to see situations both qualitatively and quantitatively and offer strategies from a vantage point of great benefit to me and my business.

Her insights are spot on, her intuition is finely honed, her advice is solid, and the vast spectrum of experience that she brings to our coaching relationship is what helps me take my business to ever-increasing levels of success. What I cherish most about her though, is that she comes from a space of caring deeply about me making the right choice for myself. While I may not follow to the “T” exactly what she says, in every situation, the perspective she points out allows me to make a confident decision. When I stumble, she never says, “I told you so.” She says, “Let’s decide how to move forward from here.”

I am thankful for Anastacia in so many ways. My business is stronger because of her. I am more confident because of her, but mostly, I appreciate having someone in my life that I can turn to with whatever situation arises in my business, and know, without a shadow of a doubt that she will “get it” on every level because she’s been with me every step of the way.

Alice Inoue

In the years that I’ve coached with her, Anastacia has given me the courage and the tools to quit my job on my terms, start and grow my VA business, find perfect clients I love, start a second business as a graphic designer that complements my VA business perfectly, and work through crisis in my personal life. I have grown in ways both professionally and personally that I would never have thought possible. She has given me support to find my confidence, my voice and a purpose in my career.

I can’t say enough good things about Anastacia and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be where I am in my work life without her guidance, love and wisdom.

Mindy Bowman

Anastacia helped me pull together my dreams for my own business with a necessary dose of reality. Once ground in this I was able to clarify what I wanted and how I wanted to go about creating it. Her knowledge of technoligy and nifty programs for marketing, web design, only courses and the like is invaluable. My sessions with her have informed the choices I make in balancing my life as a writer and a teacher.

Lisa Fugard

I’ve been coaching with Anastacia 1:1 to align my business in a way that supports the life I want to lead. She’s been brilliant in helping me to get super clear on my standards, and tweak my way of thinking so I can get out of my own way. I feel more confident than ever. I have a renewed energy for the work I love doing and letting the other stuff fall away.  She’s generous with her time, wisdom, and resources, for this I’m grateful!

Cathy Ritter

I started coaching with Anastacia while studying for the AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program.  My entrepreneurial journey was also the first time I was able to be self-focused in some ways.  I was learning that I could design a VA practice that served me and my ideal clients well. Coming from a corporate background, that was a new kind of phenomenon and I didn’t really know what I wanted. I gave Anastacia the front seat in my “bus” and with her help I was able to figure it all out. I didn’t feel overwhelmed during the process at all, there’s a lot to do but she walked me through creating my vision.

I was able to build a thriving, profitable VA practice in a year! Anastacia, was right there the entire time looking for bumps in the road so we could navigate around them. I had standards, boundaries, and procedures that felt good to me, and when they didn’t she was right there to help me figure out why so we could fix them.

With Anastacia I never felt alone, never felt lost and if I did, I brought it to our call and we figured it out together – she really is a partner in your business. I think the most amazing thing about working with Anastacia for me is being loved by her. I have grown and moved on from my VA practice which was shocking to me and not at ALL to Anastacia, LOL, but she was right there ready to go wherever my bus was going. It’s always been about my business, my happiness and what feels good to me; whatever that is-Anastacia supported it 100%.

 Running your own business can be tough, having Anastacia on my team made me feel like I was standing on solid ground. Thank you A!

Shakisha Reynolds

Anastacia Brice is wise beyond belief. She is intuitive, gentle, yet firm and full of moxie. Anastacia guides me towards finding solutions that suit me, but also encourages me to choose the solutions that are worthy of me. And you know what if I fall, and I do fall sometimes, Anastacia is non-judgmental, and gives me the support I need to get back up again.

I trust Anastacia totally with my fears, she feels like one of those really great friends that always helps me to keep on track. Actually I have one very good friend like and that, and I have Anastacia. To be honest if I could have a nugget of Anastacia’s wisdom guiding my day every day I would (wait–I do, and so can you if you coach with her!)! Anastacia Brice is a fantastic coach, and I intend to continue to have her in my corner, for a long time to come. –

Petra Boucher

When I started coaching with Anastacia, I wasn’t sure about the whole coaching process, I’d never done it before and it seemed like an extravagant expense for someone with no income but I decided I needed to give it a try.

I started coaching in January; I knew I needed to start strongly in my first year as a new VA if I wanted to succeed. I worked hard, I did exactly what Anastacia told me to do (although not without occasional push-back), I attended the Homecoming Retreat and I was able to say my practice was full by November 1. This wasn’t easy. There were tears, frustration, and times when I truly believed I wasn’t good enough – that my new business would never work. From where I sit now, with a full practice of amazing clients that I consider friends, I realize that there is absolutely no way on earth I wouldn’t have gotten here without Anastacia pushing me to realize my own potential.

Tracie Shroyer

I highly recommend working with a business coach. I’ve been working with Anastacia as my coach and have accomplished amazing things with her including the following:
* Broke six figures in my 2nd year of business (I started working with her right after my first year anniversary)
* Organized my infrastructure to create a solid foundation for continued growth
* Developed a streamlined new client interview/intake process, which now takes me less than half the time it used to
* Figured out what to delegate to my own VA and where to focus my attention as the business owner
* Developed new revenue streams
* Engaged several fun, profitable joint ventures
* Launched a 2nd business
* And lots more!

I continue to grow and thrive because I have a safe place to bounce around ideas, brainstorm, share my trials, get solid business advice and be cheered on by someone who REALLY understands my business. The investment I’ve made (and continue to make) has been WELL worth every penny and then some. I absolutely would NOT be where’re I’m at today without having worked with Anastacia.

As an industry we seem to resist investing in ourselves and in our businesses. But, we each have the potential to create the EXACT success we want, earn WHATEVER dollar amount we want and work with ONLY the ideal clients of our choosing. Unfortunately, many of us sell ourselves short because we “think small” and don’t give our businesses the attention and resources (yes, that means money!) they need to grow and thrive. In my experience, my growth and potential has only been limited by my imagination. And working with Anastacia every month helps me to keep thinking bigger and looking for new opportunities.

I highly recommend that ALL Virtual Assistants work with her – you are guaranteed to take your business to the next level!

Sydni Craig-Hart

Coaching with Anastacia has been a life changing experience for me. She has helped me to maintain my standards and to set higher standards for my practice. I love to bounce ideas off her to see if I’m on the right path. The more she knows me, the more she’s able to encourage, reaffirm, and push me to be more.

I’ve had many ‘aha’ moments in my coaching with Anastacia. She has pointed out things that I think are ordinary and shown me how they’re extraordinary, which in turn causes me to think bigger and to think more. She has helped me reach a place in my practice where I’m happy, growing, and encountering new experiences.

Anastacia is professional. She is listens when I just need to talk, and she’s pushy when I need to be pushed. I know that my practice wouldn’t be as solid as it is without her coaching.

Laura Jo Richins

Thank you Anastacia from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do and making a difference in my life.

Lynn Nagora

When I needed it most, you firmly pushed me and helped me work on my life and my business as myself, incorporating my faith and passion and truly supporting me in the most genuine way, regardless of your own beliefs. I am able to live by each goal and dream from a place of strength rather than fear. To know you is to know pure love. You walk the walk, and are the most relationally mature person I know. God has truly blessed me with you, your coaching, and your inspiration, and I am honored to be your client. Thank you.

Amy Hood

​Working with Anastacia was more than worth it. It was exactly what we needed and it was that way because Anastacia truly let us drive the bus towards reaching our goals. And while we drove, she helped guide the way, kept us on course and reminded us to take in and appreciate the milestones of the journey. Anastacia is special in that she listens to your words and the spaces between your words and reflects that back to you. We worked with Anastacia to help us find sanity and balance in running our growing business without compromising our mission or integrity. Anastacia was quick to put us at ease and her wonderful suggestions and coaching process helped us take this responsibility to ourselves seriously and ultimately led us to a more balanced life running and letting others help us run a business that we truly love.

Jo K Gray and Jenny McBride

Owners, Inman Oasis

Making a major life and career change felt like a daunting task once i finally committed to it.  How in the world am I going to navigate this shift from corporate America to real estate? In Anastacia I found the perfect journey companion to share the front seat with me and just drive through whatever twists and turns came our way.  I am so grateful for her council, her wisdom, and her friendship.  Finding a coach that always had my back and truly cared for my success, and me as a person, made my time working with Anastacia one that I will truly cherish.

Jessica Wright


Anastacia is a grounding force!

Heather Hinson

I TREASURE Anastacia’s steadfast presence in my life as my coach. Yes, she’s incredibly business and people-savvy, and her wisdom and experience give me the “how-to” and “what-to-do” guidance I need to build my business successfully and navigate challenges. Even more powerful, though, has been the effect of her standing with and for me at every fork in the road, holding my best interests at heart and an unwavering belief in me and my ability to create and have exactly what I want. Her example, her confidence in me, and her caring and trustworthy support give me the courage to tell fear to take a nap while I stand a little taller and make decisions out of the highest vision of who I am and what I can have in my business and life. I often call our coaching calls “moxie injections”. If it wasn’t for Anastacia, I may have given up on my business, and I certainly would have settled. Instead, the business and life I want is unfolding before me, and I’m so excited about the future.

Michelle Micheals

I am grateful for the precious space that Anastacia holds for me. She scoops out a bubble of lovingkindness and we live there together for a delicious chunk of time. I show up to try on new selves, opportunities, and possibilities; test out theories, ideas, and ways of living my best life; take a beat to be. Experimentally unfold my wings.

Anastacia’s gift of intuition clears a path as needed or offers a gentle nudge into new territories. I feel gotten. I feel seen. I feel an overflowing of gratitude. She offers what I struggle to give—a way back to myself.

Laura Allen

Anastacia not only has the best in-depth knowledge of how to run a successful VA practice, but she does it with a foundation of true love and genuine concern for the wellbeing of those that she coaches; that love is the foundation for all she does. If you’re looking for a coach that comes to the table with a set formula such as “building your lists” or “making six figures in 90 days” you won’t find it in Anastacia. However, if you’re looking for a coach who will take *your* life, *your* circumstances and *your* particular business in to account, so that you can form a successful business that truly works for *you*, you need to call her. Anastacia doesn’t follow a set formula; she looks at the *whole* you and connects the dots from where you’re currently at to where you want to be with phenomenal support and expert guidance.

She has stretched me to look beyond the obvious, to look at things from different angles and to look deeper. She gently guides me so that I can let go of my fears. She actively brainstorms new ideas with me and doesn’t hesitate to pull me back if I’m headed in the wrong direction. She holds me accountable so that I don’t get sidetracked. This all happens in a very safe and trusting space. She’s wise beyond belief and I know that she’s always genuinely concerned about my well being. I’m so, SO grateful to have Anastacia in my life!

Gayle Bu

I first contacted Anastacia because a personal issue was affecting my business. Her coaching helped me keep my business going when I was ready to give up. That was over two years ago and I continue to work with Anastacia because she provides sound advice and gentle guidance. My standards, and my business, are the strongest they’ve ever been. I literally would not be where I am today without Anastacia

Pam Ryan

I worked with Anastacia to help get my Virtual Assistance and Daily Money Manager businesses going. I had completed the training at AssistU, but was having trouble getting clients. She helped me figure out where to look for potential clients and how to approach them. As I started working with clients, we worked on the foundational aspects of my business so that they were set and adhering to my business standards became second nature. Her wise counsel helped me gain more confidence as a business owner.

Patricia Gundling

I have worked with many coaches, but none who helped me build a foundation like Anastacia did.  While I had already started my business, there were pieces of the puzzle that weren’t quite in place such as pricing and services.  Pricing was something I always struggled with.  Anastacia helped me to charge what I was worth and no apologies.  For the first time, since working with Anastacia, I have not once thought about my pricing or felt bad when I let prospective clients know what I charge.
Anastacia has a way of giving you this confidence and making you believe you can do anything (which you can).  She has an uncanny knack of presenting to you the outcomes of ideas you have.  She has saved me headache and heartache by showing me alternatives to what I wanted to do.
After working with Anastacia, I have pricing I am confident in, I have standards when it comes to my business, which allow me to build the business and lifestyle I want, and I finished creating a class I have been wanting to create for 4 years!
Thanks so much Anastacia!
Lynn Woods

Anastacia is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with before.  She approaches her coaching and life with love and tenderness.  The direction she’s given me, professionally and personally is inspiring and uplifting and the moral support I get from her is amazing.

Ellen Raidl

Coaching with Anastacia has been a gift beyond measure. The way she combines keen business savvy with grace and eloquence is like her own form of magic. I feel stronger than ever in my business, thanks to her and have found her wise counsel invaluable over the years! Her generosity of spirit is indescribable and priceless.

Susan Johnson

Anastacia’s ethics and standards of business were made clear to me from the start and were very much in line with my own beliefs in this area.  Her insistence on setting standards for your business and sticking to them, and the way she models that, has helped me set appropriate standards for my own business.

Diotima Booraem

To say that coaching with Anastacia has changed my life is no exaggeration. I was struggling, trying to figure out how to rev up my VA practice after an incredibly stressful and constricting period in my life. I *knew* that I could be successful, and I needed help putting the pieces together. Anastacia helped me do that and much more. She not only helped me define the issues, she helped me identify and overcome the fears holding me back. Through working with Anastacia, I have regained my confidence, my self-respect, and my ability to dream bigger and expect more of life. My VA practice is now thriving, my personal relationships are fulfilling and vibrant, and I am more in love with life than I have ever been. Real change begins with faith. Have faith enough to invest in yourself; from there you’ll find that magic happens.

Sandra Trca-Black

Anastacia does not believe in coincidences and neither do I. While I was attending a Hay House conference, her name was mentioned several times by the presenting author. I wrote it in my notes and made an appointment to speak to her about needing a virtual assistant.

I was a successful Emergency Room Physician and single mother who was over worked, traumatized and fed up with how I was practicing Western Medicine. I had no idea really how to get out of that rat race but I knew my soul was calling me to leap not just step outside my comfort zone and embrace those things I was most passionate about.

As soon as we spoke, I think we both realized I needed a life coach way more than I needed a VA at the time. And so our journey began.. and its been one wild, fabulous guided hell of a ride.

Having Anastacia to support and coach me through this last year and a half has allowed me to continue releasing old fears and embrace the unknown. This journey took me all the way across the country. I moved from Florida to Hawaii where I knew deep down I was being led to do the work I had been born to bring to this world.

It has been one magical journey and I will forever be in gratitude for having Anastacia along to lovingly encourage and support this grand adventure.

Charlotte Newman Charfen

If your right-brain genius needs a left-brain partner, or your Lightworker “ungrounded” business ideas need a loving place to land​,​ then I wholeheartedly recommend Anatacia. In the online space of “charge what your worth” and “laptop lifestyle,” Anatacia is the voice of reason and the middle ground.

Working with Anastacia meant that I asked things of my business that I didn’t realise I was “allowed to” in order for my business to work for both myself and my family. I got to set standards in my business that I wouldn’t have though possible, because {and this is where Anatacia’s real magic comes in} An​as​ta​cia believes that you can have anything you want in your business and life AND you also need to do the work to make that happen in the world. It starts and ends with you.

For those of us who have difficulty in pinning our dreams down, Anastacia has the questions and experience to help you make it happen. Each session with Anastacia was drenched in love and practicality.

Thanks to working​ ​with her I know what works for my business and my clients, what business model nourishes both myself and my clients and how to do it in a way that feels authentic and true to my values. I had to do the work, put the hours in to understa​n​d what my visions, values and plans were, but Anastacia was more than a cheerleader, she was a guide to mapping out my hearts desire for my business.

Cara Wilde

There really aren’t enough adjectives and superlatives when speaking about Anastacia Brice. She’s love, generosity and brilliance all rolled up into one fabulous woman and business coach. She pushes me when I need that, she has my back when I need support and most importantly, she is there for me. Anastacia is amazing at seeing the big picture and what’s possible and then breaking that down into small, manageable, necessary steps to reach the ultimate goal. She is also the perfect model for her clients because she’s got all her systems in place – so you get to see the skill in action, firsthand. I am so grateful that Anastacia is in my life…and my business!

Jodi Krizer Graber

From my first phone call with Anastacia to the coaching calls we have every month, I knew I had found my home. I deeply and totally believe in my heart that I would not have the business I have today were it not for the expertise, experience and foundational platform I’ve received from Anastacia.
I say she’s my business coach, but Anastacia’s really my business partner, right beside me along the route of my everyday business operations. As I travel along this amazing route with Anastacia, she has the insight, intuition and business knowledge to see ahead of the route I’m on, see things I don’t see and suggest any course corrections that would be beneficial for my business and my life. She has an uncanny way of being able to see around the corner, what’s up ahead, because of the expertise, experience and knowledge she for this amazing career of virtual assisting. Anastacia listens with her ears and her heart. She has a way to get right to the issue at hand and see what I don’t see and bring it to light with love, kindness and knowledge. Always accepting, never judgmental, of my business and my life – no matter what circumstance or issue I may be having.  
I’m so very grateful for our coaching partnership. As I said before, I don’t believe I’d be where I am today, working with amazing clients and running a successful virtual assisting business, were it not for Anastacia! 
If you’re someone who’s just beginning your career, been in business for years, looking for a change or needing guidance and support with a business/life related issue, Anastacia has my heartfelt and full endorsement to walk this amazing path with you. 
Pat Denzer

With Anastacia as my coach, I have grown tremendously as a business owner and consecutively so has my business. She has the ability to pull the Moxie, resting unchallenged in me, to the surface and helps me use it in a way that allows me the freedom to remain true to who I am while continuously attracting the work and clients I desire.

I could be without Anastacia on this journey, but I choose not to be; she is a voice that emboldens me along my way. I am convinced she is divinely appointed in my life and I love the way she confirms things without even knowing it.

Without her wisdom and help, I would truly be lost. I’m grateful for the impact she has and continues to have in my life.

Cindy Henexson

Anastacia’s coaching helped teach me how to run my business instead of letting my business run me. Her coaching gave me the opportunity to step back and assess several aspects of my business – financial, work/life balance, goals and purpose, among others – and to make needed changes, For example, crunching the numbers in a new way was the impetus I needed to raise my rates and to carve out more time for myself and my family. Anastacia Brice is a person of great insight and substance and I highly recommend her as a business and life coach.

Bonnie McDermid

I learned about Anastacia after I had spoken to 2 women who were involved with AssistU. They had given me the impression of “simply amazing”. I wanted my clients to feel that way about me, but more importantly I wanted to feel that way about myself for once in my life. I had so many struggles I thought “Anastacia is going to have her hands full with me”, but I had to try, I had to try one more time before everything I fought so hard for up until that point in my business fell completely apart. Honestly, I still cannot believe the miraculous comeback I’ve experienced while working with her. I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up, I thought I didn’t stand a chance I the marketplace…I needed to do a complete mindset shift and boy did I struggle with it. I’m proud to say that I began to overcome those blocks, and I was able to do it before it was too late. I had the courage to shut down a business that I was absolutely miserable in and start one that was in alignment with how I wanted to show up to my life and work.

When I started coming from a place of love and wholeness, I showed up to do the work from a place of abundance rather then scarcity. Because of that, I work with clients who inspire me to do better, who treat me with respect, and pay me rates that keep me in business to better be of service to further their missions. I stopped comparing myself and thinking of “competition” and instead looked to be the best of who I am in my own lane collaborating with people who did the same. I am so very thankful that we didn’t give up on each other and I’m looking forward to more growth and where this love-focused coaching and mentoring takes me next.

Lynette Davis

Anastacia’s breadth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I have worked with her as a coaching client for years and consistently walk away from the experience with more understanding, strength and confidence in my innate possibilities. She has an uncanny insight into human nature and into each client in particular and can lead them, through collaboration, to successful and joyful outcomes. I recommend Anastacia to anyone looking for a business or life coach. She is stupendous!

Janet Z

Anastacia has been a blessing beyond belief! Her heart-centered, total mind-body-and-spirit coaching style has been absolutely groundbreaking for my success as The Writing Whisperer. Within 5 months of coaching with Anastacia Brice, we had laid a solid foundation enabling me the ability to walk away from my 15 year career as an educator to run my business full-time. She’s a smart, savvy, business-minded leader who always has her clients’ best interests in the forefront of her mind. She teaches there is always a 3rd option, if we just take the time to evaluate the situation from all angles. Above everything Anastacia has helped me accomplish in my business, she has taught me that I am in business for the long-run and that standards surrounding my business are very important for my mental and physical health, as well as the long-lasting health, stability, and profitably of my business. If you are a woman, needing a coach who knows her stuff inside and out, as well as cares deeply about your business goals and quality of life, Anastacia is the right coach for you!

M. Shannon Hernandez