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One-On-One Coaching

In 1996, wondering what would be next for me, I found coaching. Like so many of my colleagues, finding it felt like a homecoming. I knew I belonged there, doing that, in the same way I knew I belonged in my own bed each night-there's a rightness to things, sometimes, you know?

I trained at one of the premier coach training organizations--Coach U . Since then, I've coached hundreds of women to build stronger foundations for their lives and their work, and have supported them as they've reached goal after goal after goal.

Closer to two decades later, I know myself and my coaching quite well, and want to tell you, very specifically, what I do, and who I coach.

I coach women. No men. Just women. Really.

I love coaching women. Women who seek themselves, women who want the truth, women who are entrepreneurs, women who are brilliant, women who are struggling, women who want better lives for themselves, women who wonder what legacy to leave behind, women who believe there's something more for them in life, women who wonder what's next, women who are stay-at-home moms, women who want to be smarter about technology, women in all colors, shapes, sizes, of all races and faiths.

If you're a woman, and you want to be coached, I may be the one you've been looking for.

I'm really great at many things. I believe I can coach a cat out of a paper bag, if need be.

So in a general sense, I'm a well-rounded coach.

My absolute brilliance, however? It lies in a few areas:

1. I am a genius when it comes to all things Virtual Assistance related--from both the VA side, and the client side of things.

Look-I formalized the profession. I own the leading training and community organization for Virtual Assistants. My program has been foundational in the work of more than 1,000 people, internationally. I am an absolute Virtual Assistance power house. There is no one alive or dead who knows more about what is needed to be successful in this profession than I do. So, if you're starting a business as a VA and need support, or you're seasoned and struggling in any way, I am the one you want to have coach you. The One. That's not ego talking; ask those I've trained.

Likewise, if you're looking for a Virtual Assistant, wanting to build a team, struggling with your current team or VA, or in any way need help setting up or restructuring your virtual world so that it really supports you strongly, you'll want me involved. Promise.

Whoever you are, and whatever situation in which you find yourself with your virtual work, stop struggling and get in touch with me. I will make it all crystal clear for you. Info about coaching with me around anything having to do with Virtual Assistance can be found here.

2. I am brilliant when it comes to business and life foundations and standards.

I don't really know why this is. I certainly didn't set out to understand this at super-high levels. I never meant to be able to see, as clear as day, cracks in a person's business and personal foundations that keep them stuck. I didn't ask to understand in deeply profound ways how to fix those cracks, or the wobbly floors they often find themselves metaphorically standing on. But I'm that person.

So, all those short cuts you took when you started your business that you now know you shouldn't have stepped over, or the stuff you know you should be looking at for your business but that scares the pieces out of you—that's where I come in. When you feel wishy-washy, or fall for just about everything, or think you need to take the business offered because you can't attract that which you most want—that's where I come in.

When you don't recognize yourself anymore, or your life, or you feel lost and you don't have a map and your internal compass feels broken—that's where I come in. When you feel wound too tightly, worry that you're making yourself sick, or feel like you're running on a gerbil wheel you can't get off of—that's where I come in.

All of the things you see that you don't love about your self, your life, and your work are far easier to remedy when you have someone supporting you in creating or raising your standards, shoring up your wobbly floor/foundation and clearing away the gunk in your path forward.

When you're ready to do things differently, that's where I come in. I'm that girl.

3. Moxie. I have it, and you need it. You know you need it, but you're scared that having it might no longer make you a "nice person." Trust me, having moxie, and standing tall in your own shoes does not mean you have to become a rough, tough, or mean-spirited person. Nor does it mean you have to behave like a man. It simply means you're fully self-possessed, know what you want, and believe you have as much right as anyone else to have it. There is nothing quite as beautiful or powerful than a woman, in love with herself and her life, softly standing in her power.

4. Visioning. Another thing I never expected is this odd (but fabulous!) ability to envision things that don't currently exist, and help them come into being. I did this for the first time, 20+ years ago when I set out on a path to becoming the real me as opposed to the me my parents had created. The second time was 16 years ago when I created AssistU and formalized the Virtual Assistance profession. Neither even remotely existed before I sat down and made them up. All these years later, AssistU is rocking strong, and the Virtual Assistance profession is growing and thriving with VAs in many different organizations, and on most continents around the world!

I also now bring my visioning into play in my retreats-most notably, my What's Next retreats, where I help women get clear on what's next (surprise!) for them, and then move what's next to what's now.

And I bring visioning to my coaching in big and small ways. Not everyone needs me to see big stuff for/with them. Some people just need me to see clearly what's happening for them and then share that—along with helping them take consistent action.

5. Language. I love words. I am passionate about language. And I am a quite talented when it comes to hearing a concept that needs to be communicated and knowing exactly how to say/communicate it. I’m not talking about how to write in-depth sales copy, but I can sure cut to the heart of any matter and laser the perfect language for it.

If you're struggling with how to say something, chances are I know how to help you say it perfectly.

6. Finding options. I have a most brilliant friend-Hedy Schleiffer. She shared with me something her father used to say, and this very thing has become a touchstone of my own life and work. It’s this: “Whenever you see two options, choose the third.”

Over the years, I’ve become incredibly adept at seeing the two options most people do, and then easily, simply, and quickly seeing the third option (and sometimes, a fourth and fifth, too!). If you’re stuck-if you can’t see any way out or around a situation, I’ll be able to.

7. Living your heart's truth. My entire life has been spent learning this for myself and teaching it to others. There is nothing on the planet more important than getting to know, then getting to live, your own life. A life of truth, according to you. It is the most loving thing, the most healing thing, and the most critical work you'll ever do.

For some of my clients, it forms the sum total of what we work on together. For others, it's part of fixing a wobbly foundation (you can't, after all, have a great business if you have a crappy life—and living someone else's version of your life is, I promise, a crappy life). If you know that something's off for you and you can't figure out what, you're most likely not living your heart's truth. Nothing in your life will really make sense until you take care of this. I love being the guide for clients who are on the sacred journey to finding themselves.

How I make a difference

I make a difference in the lives of those I coach by helping them to hold themselves accountable for the things they tell me they most want. I know that my clients are experts in their own lives, and I support them in getting to, and honoring, their own wisdom. I'm very gentle, yet can be extremely directive, and I never hesitate to tell my clients what I see that they're missing. I'm the ever-present back-seat driver in the car of life… not the annoying one the driver wishes would shut up, but the one who keeps the driver from driving off cliffs, and who navigates the way more smartly than a Garmin..

I can do that because I'm a 100% objective presence in their lives, unlike their spouses, family members and friends. I can tell them the truth, and keep it real because I'm not worried they'll stop loving me or no longer want to be my friends. They know where they stand with me, I'm 100% transparent with them, and they know, without a doubt, that they can trust me with everything--every hope, every dream, and even every fear.

I only work with people who are ready to get off the dime, and want to let me in pretty deeply. So if you work with me, be prepared to WORK with me. I have no interest in anything else.

I walk my talk. There's nothing I coach around that I've not lived myself. I model for my clients what they come to me about, and if I can't, I say so. My clients aren't perfect, and neither am I. And modeling living a full, rich, sucessful life that I love, with all the messiness and finery that come along with it, is one of the best things I do for them.

My fees

The way I'm paid for coaching is 100% in alignment with my deepest value--love. Coaching is a way for me to love people in a business context. And while I absolutely deserve to be well compensated for the services I provide, a few years ago, I realized that it no longer worked for my heart to share myself in this context with the type of fee structure most of my coaching colleagues have in place.

I share coaching in exchange for what I've come to call "love offerings" (learn more about this). The idea? We coach, and at the end of the month, you decide what you will pay me based on what you can afford, and the value you feel I helped create for you. 

It feels so much more loving, and just right for me to do it this way, and so this is what I'm doing.

It includes: 

  • Three 30-minute coaching sessions by phone each month
  • Unfettered access to me in via email between calls, because I know that opportunity doesn't usually knock on a tidy little schedule. Besides, I'm most helpful to you if I'm "in the soup" with you and can be a proactive presence. Reactive coaching doesn't jazz me, and won't serve you.

If that schedule doesn't work for you; if you need more or different availability, I'm open to discussing that. More than anything, I want this to serve your needs, and if we can come up with a plan to make that happen, it'll be fabulous.

I don't require any sort of length of coaching commitment, but I do ask new clients to plan on at least three months. I can be of benefit immediately, but to really dig into the juicy stuff takes some time.

Next steps

If you're interested in seeing what others have to say about their experience of coaching with me, please see below.

And if you'd like to explore the possibility of coaching with me, please email me (a at anastaciabrice dot com), tell me a bit about yourself and what's going on for you, and we'll set up a time to discuss possibilities. I want you to work with the perfect coach for you, and will support you in finding that person—whether or not it's me.

My clients share:

Anastacia has been a blessing beyond belief! Her heart-centered, total mind-body-and-spirit coaching style has been absolutely groundbreaking for my success as The Writing Whisperer. Within 5 months of coaching with Anastacia Brice, we had laid a solid foundation enabling me the ability to walk away from my 15 year career as an educator to run my business full-time. She's a smart, savvy, business-minded leader who always has her clients' best interests in the forefront of her mind. She teaches there is always a 3rd option, if we just take the time to evaluate the situation from all angles. Above everything Anastacia has helped me accomplish in my business, she has taught me that I am in business for the long-run and that standards surrounding my business are very important for my mental and physical health, as well as the long-lasting health, stability, and profitably of my business. If you are a woman, needing a coach who knows her stuff inside and out, as well as cares deeply about your business goals and quality of life, Anastacia is the right coach for you! . -- M. Shannon Hernandez

Anastacia helped me pull together my dreams for my own business with a necessary dose of reality. Once ground in this I was able to clarify what I wanted and how I wanted to go about creating it. Her knowledge of technoligy and nifty programs for marketing, web design, only courses and the like is invaluable. My sessions with her have informed the choices I make in balancing my life as a writer and a teacher. -- Lisa Fugard

Before I started coaching with Anastacia, I’d been a VA for 9 years and had a full practice, but I knew that something was missing; I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t quite figure how to get out of it. I wanted to expand my VA practice so that it was more in alignment with what I had set out to do when I first became a VA.

Since I’ve been coaching with Anastacia, I’ve redefined my standards, increased my rates, identified and successfully started working with a very specific niche of clients and know that things have finally “clicked” in to place and I’m going in the direction that I always wanted to go in. With Anastacia’s help, I’ve transformed my practice and in turn, my life.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant looking for a coach, you need to call Anastacia. Not only did Anastacia formalize the industry in 1996, but while other coaches and VA trainers over the years have come and gone, she has consistently run the most comprehensive VA training program available and a thriving VA membership organization that holds itself to the highest standards. She knows what works and what doesn’t and is full of resources that she abundantly shares.

Anastacia not only has the best in-depth knowledge of how to run a successful VA practice, but she does it with a foundation of true love and genuine concern for the wellbeing of those that she coaches; that love is the foundation for all she does. If you’re looking for a coach that comes to the table with a set formula such as “building your lists” or “making six figures in 90 days” you won’t find it in Anastacia. However, if you’re looking for a coach who will take *your* life, *your* circumstances and *your* particular business in to account, so that you can form a successful business that truly works for *you*, you need to call her. Anastacia doesn’t follow a set formula; she looks at the *whole* you and connects the dots from where you’re currently at to where you want to be with phenomenal support and expert guidance.

She has stretched me to look beyond the obvious, to look at things from different angles and to look deeper. She gently guides me so that I can let go of my fears. She actively brainstorms new ideas with me and doesn’t hesitate to pull me back if I’m headed in the wrong direction. She holds me accountable so that I don’t get sidetracked. This all happens in a very safe and trusting space. She’s wise beyond belief and I know that she’s always genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. I’m so, SO grateful to have Anastacia in my life! . -- Gayle Bu

Anastacia, your impact on my life has been one of God’s miracles. As a business coach, you have helped me focus on my opportunities, prioritize my goals, and become much truer to myself within my business. But, you haven’t limited your coaching to my business. You have brought me through some extraordinary challenges and helped me look at life and love through your gift for examining the heart of each issue. You helped me handle them with integrity and grace.

When I found AssistU, I read about you, I knew that to succeed as a Virtual Assistant I would need to align to your program and learn from you. I did not expect, however, that you would end up having such a profound impact on the very core of my being as well.

When I needed it most, you firmly pushed me and helped me work on my life and my business as myself, incorporating my faith and passion and truly supporting me in the most genuine way, regardless of your own beliefs. I am able to live by each goal and dream from a place of strength rather than fear. To know you is to know pure love. You walk the walk, and are the most relationally mature person I know. God has truly blessed me with you, your coaching, and your inspiration, and I am honored to be your client. Thank you.. -- Amy Kazor

I've been telling Virtual Assistants for years that if they wanted to make their VA practices more successful, there was only one person to coach with, Anastacia Brice. Who else is qualified? She formalized this industry, founding the first, and still now over eleven years, the most comprehensive and foundational, Virtual Assistance training program. She talks with VAs and their clients every day, and she has a deeper understanding of the industry than anyone I've ever met.

So when it came time for me to revive my Virtual Assistance practice, what was the first thing I did after making that decision? Within seconds, I called Anastacia and asked her to coach me. There was never any doubt or second thoughts. If I want a successful practice, there is only one person to help me with that. Anastacia Brice. -- Dawn Goldberg

Six years ago, as a fresh-faced graduate of AssistU, I took a very bold and somewhat scary step. I engaged Anastacia to be my coach. In retrospect, that was one of the best decisions I've ever made--not only for my business, but for my LIFE!

As a result of Anastacia's coaching, I've created a full VA practice that continues to evolve. My clients get more ideal and the financial return continually improves. Life is good!

Anastacia consistently comes from her core of love, truth, and respect as she supports me to live MY truth. I feel deeply blessed and honored to have her in my life. Thank you, Anastacia! -- Judy Segawa

Anastacia is amazing. Coaching with her has had an incredible effect on me personally and professionally. Anastacia doesn’t let me brush over important things. She asks me to look deeper than what is on the surface. While coaching with her, I’ve learned a lot about myself and continue to discover what it is I truly want for my practice and for my life. She’s helped me to set high standards, and then to think higher.

Coaching with Anastacia has been a life changing experience for me. Taking what I learned in the AssistU Virtual Training Program and building my practice has been made easier by having Anastacia by my side. She has helped me to maintain my standards and to set higher standards for my practice. I love to bounce ideas off her to see if I’m on the right path. The more she knows me, the more she’s able to encourage, reaffirm, and push me to be more.

I’ve had many ‘aha’ moments in my coaching with Anastacia. She has pointed out things that I think are ordinary and shown me how they’re extraordinary, which in turn causes me to think bigger and to think more. She has helped me reach a place in my practice where I’m happy, growing, and encountering new experiences.

Anastacia is professional. She is listens when I just need to talk, and she’s pushy when I need to be pushed. I know that my practice wouldn’t be as solid as it is without her coaching. -- Laura Jo Richins

Anastacia Brice is a vital component to my business team, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world! I affectionately refer to Anastacia as my “mean coach,” and have even blogged about her. Anastacia isn’t mean--as in malicious or hateful, but mean--as in tough love. I am convinced that she deeply cares for me and wants the absolute best for me; so, there are times (more often than not) when she’ll strongly encourage me to stretch.

Without her coaching, guidance, support, and tough love, my business would not be as successful as it is. I currently run a successful Virtual Assistant business primarily supporting volunteer boards of directors, and that’s not an easy niche to work with. Having done Anastacia's “What’s Next” retreat, she’s also supported me in starting another business that I’m excited and passionate about called Nonprofit Connectors. Nonprofit Connectors is a consulting company designed to assist individuals with the setup processes for their new nonprofits. It fits, side-by-side, with my VA practice, and I’m able to do more of what I love. What’s funny about this is that when I went to the retreat, all I had in mind was an e-book with resources for nonprofits. Anastacia encouraged me to think bigger, and I ended up with a whole new viable business! See how mean she is? :) -- Antonette Artiz, CMVA

Anastacia Brice is wise beyond belief. She is intuitive, gentle, yet firm and full of moxie. Anastacia guides me towards finding solutions that suit me, but also encourages me to choose the solutions that are worthy of me. And you know what if I fall, and I do fall sometimes, Anastacia is non-judgmental, and gives me the support I need to get back up again.

I trust Anastacia totally with my fears, she feels like one of those really great friends that always helps me to keep on track. Actually I have one very good friend like and that, and I have Anastacia. To be honest if I could have a nugget of Anastacia's wisdom guiding my day every day I would (wait--I do, and so can you if you coach with her!)! Anastacia Brice is a fantastic coach, and I intend to continue to have her in my corner, for a long time to come. -- Petra Boucher, CPVA

I highly recommend working with a business coach. I've been working with Anastacia as my coach for a year and a half and have accomplished amazing things with her including the following:

* Broke six figures in my 2nd year of business (I started working with her right after my first year anniversary)
* Organized my infrastructure to create a solid foundation for continued growth
* Developed a streamlined new client interview/intake process, which now takes me less than half the time it used to
* Figured out what to delegate to my own VA and where to focus my attention as the business owner
* Developed new revenue streams
* Engaged several fun, profitable joint ventures
* Launched a 2nd business
* And lots more!

I continue to grow and thrive because I have a safe place to bounce around ideas, brainstorm, share my trials, get solid business advice and be cheered on by someone who REALLY understands my business. The investment I've made (and continue to make) has been WELL worth every penny and then some. I absolutely would NOT be where're I'm at today without having worked with Anastacia.

As an industry we seem to resist investing in ourselves and in our businesses. But, we each have the potential to create the EXACT success we want, earn WHATEVER dollar amount we want and work with ONLY the ideal clients of our choosing. Unfortunately, many of us sell ourselves short because we "think small" and don't give our businesses the attention and resources (yes, that means money!) they need to grow and thrive. In my experience, my growth and potential has only been limited by my imagination. And working with Anastacia every month helps me to keep thinking bigger and looking for new opportunities.

I highly recommend that ALL Virtual Assistants work with her - you are guaranteed to take your business to the next level! -- Sydni Craig-Hart, EAtoVA and Craig Hart Consulting

To say that coaching with Anastacia has changed my life is no exaggeration. I was struggling, trying to figure out how to rev up my VA practice after an incredibly stressful and constricting period in my life. I *knew* that I could be successful, and I needed help putting the pieces together. Anastacia helped me do that and much more. She not only helped me define the issues, she helped me identify and overcome the fears holding me back. Through working with Anastacia, I have regained my confidence, my self-respect, and my ability to dream bigger and expect more of life. My VA practice is now thriving, my personal relationships are fulfilling and vibrant, and I am more in love with life than I have ever been. Real change begins with faith. Have faith enough to invest in yourself; from there you'll find that magic happens. -- Sandra Trca-Black

Finishing the VTP at AssistU was scary for me. Of course I had more knowledge than when I'd started, but was it enough knowledge? Would any client really want to hire me, a work-at-home mom who had limited administrative skills and had been out of the "real" workforce for 10 years? I decided that if I was going to succeed, I needed a really good coach. I needed someone who would push me, hold me accountable and help me regain my confidence. When I started coaching with Anastacia, I wasn't sure about the whole coaching process, I'd never done it before and it seemed like an extravagant expense for someone with no income but I decided I needed to give it a try.

I started coaching in January; I knew I needed to start strongly in my first year as a new VA if I wanted to succeed. I worked hard, I did exactly what Anastacia told me to do (although not without occasional push-back), I attended the Homecoming Retreat and I was able to say my practice was full by November 1. This wasn't easy. There were tears, frustration, and times when I truly believed I wasn't good enough - that my new business would never work. From where I sit now, with a full practice of amazing clients that I consider friends, I realize that there is absolutely no way on earth I wouldn't have gotten here without Anastacia pushing me to realize my own potential. -- Tracie Shroyer, Virtual Assistant Tracie

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