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It seems to me that usually, this page on a site is written to impress others. It lists, in a fairly stilted fashion, and usually in third person, all the info the subject of this kind of page thinks others need to know (based on, I suppose, what traditionalists say others need to know and what sounds most accomplished). Honest injun, I couldn’t bear the thought of writing something like that. If you want to see that kind of stuff about me, please feel free to look at this, or read my story over at AssistU. If, on the other hand, you want the scoop on what makes me me, read on.

Below are the things about me that might be more interesting--or at least a bit more smile-producing. What I’ve learned in life is that if you don’t like me, you won’t want to work with me, or interview me, or even follow me on Twitter. Conversely, if you like me, working, interviewing, and following will be a no brainer. Here’s what you might want to know to make those kinds of decisions.

I am: Anastacia Brice

Age: 53

Location: Geographically speaking, I am a confirmed east-coast girl, living near the southern end of the BOS-WAS corridor, with incredibly strong ties to New York.

Who I work with

With only a few exceptions, I work with women. Young, old, fat, thin, rich, not-so rich, it doesn’t matter. I’m simply passionate about supporting women with their lives and businesses. I adore men, but don’t enjoy coaching them, so I don’t. I do work with them in my Registry Gold process at AssistU to help them find amazing VAs, and I've been known to write for men on occasion--but only if they're menschen.

In fact, I actually only work with people I believe are menschen. It's a strong standard, and prevents me from having to actually create a "no assholes" boundary.

What I say I do

For me, there's nothing more important than love, and love of self has to come first. As a coach, I know that's the most critical and sacred work any of us will ever do, and I'm fired up about supporting the beautiful and gently-subversive rebellion that leads a woman in that direction.

I'm also passionate about supporting women who want to have strong, profitable, "big enough" service businesses and who want their work to make a deifference for the people they touch (no matter how many or few that is).

Whether working with a woman on her life and/or her business, it all starts with foundation.

Although most people want to jump off the roof and grow wings on the way down, preferring that rush and risk to slowing down and building a foundation, for me it's totally backwards.

When I look at foundation work, I don't see a drudge-filled bunch of activities that someone should be forced to do, but a truth-and-joy filled starting place on which and from which a woman can grow and share herself with the world.

If a woman has a shaky foundation, it's very difficult for her to feel safe doing anything other than what she's currently doing. And that can be horribly limiting; life is big, living is vast if you're willing to have it be, and we're meant to grow, change, and become more "us" all along the way. I help assure that my clients have foundations under their lives and work that allow them to do exactly that.

As a coach and trainer, I provide my clients with thoughtful insights, sage advice, discerning strategies, and proactive problem solving, all of which are born of my unconventional life experience, my business acument, and my pioneering heart.

What that really means

I help my clients listen to their hearts to uncover or discover or reclaim the truth of who they are and the lives they want to live, and then I ride shotgun on the journey,

For that to happen there has to be the inkling, deep inside, that what's needed is a guide who understands that's what's needed is nothing short of a beautiful revolution...a subversiveness. Not in a stand-in-the-middle-of-the-road-fist-pumping-and-screaming-"F the man!" sort of way, but in a gentler, inner, this-is-my-life-and-I-deserve-to-live-it-the-way-that-serves-my-truth way.

I'm that guide. 

Professional accomplishments

  • Formalizing the Virtual Assistance profession in ’97; genius when it comes to this profession and anything related to it.
  • Founding AssistU in ’97 and have trained and supported close to 1,000 people in becoming Virtual Assistants in businesses they love and that allow them to have work that contributes to their having high-quality lives.
  • Coaching women to have extraordinary businesses and lives since ‘96
  • Online community building since '93 when I worked with AOL, later helping them form their Community Leader program. Since then I've helped several companies create and build thriving online communities, and I have my own--at AssistU, which is 15+ years old--that's ancient (and amazing) in the online-community world!
  • Consultant to female entrepreneurs about fixing the wobbly foundations under their businesses so that the floors support current initiatives and growth. I really am the only person I know who finds biz foundation stuff sexy! :)
  • My current business initiative involves actively bringing love to the table to help women discover who they are, what they want to do, and how to give voice to all of that yumminess. The most critical work any of us can do is live our own lives, and I am extraordinarily passionate about supporting the beautiful and gentle rebellion that leads a woman in that direction.
  • Lastly, I'm writing my first book, which is not, as one might think, about Virtual Assistance, or business foundation. It's a book about the names we're given, the names we call ourselves, and the impact names have on who we are, who we become, and what we do with our lives.

Things about me you probably don't know

  • I was born and raised in Baltimore, and have never lived anywhere else. I absolutely love it here and know more about my city than anyone I know who isn't a professional tour guide. If you visit, I'll happily show you what makes Charm City so magical!
  • I’m multifarious, perspicacious, and voraciously verbal. I love words. I even like small ones now and then.
  • I love to touch, feed, and hug giraffes. Live ones.
  • I am the child of two alcoholic narcissists. Because of that, they couldn't know or love me except as they created me to be. As a result, I've learned about addiction, narcissism, what love is and is not, how to find my self, how to stand in my truth, how to deal with bullies, and many other wondrous things that I now bring to my work. There isn't a thing I share or teach that I haven't lived, and I am committed to walking my talk. Does this mean I'm perfect? Not by a long-shot. But I am whole and right with myself.
  • I’m an absolute girlie-girl and confirmed voluptuary. If it’s not comfy, it’s not for me.
  • I love espresso as much as I love tea. That's almost as much as I love words. Or ampersands. Or cheese. But not as much as I love love. Nothing touches that.
  • I value: love—above all things. For me, it is the highest law and the ultimate religion, and shapes and colors every thing I do, every word that comes out of my mouth or through my fingers, and all of my greatest aspirations for myself and the world. Beyond that (or maybe in addition to?) are justice, freedom, and fairness. Almost nothing gets me hotter faster than what's unjust and unfair, or what takes away personal freedoms. Then, the who of things really matters to me—who people are, and how transparent they are with others is a big deal. Then comes intensity, integrity, compassion, with graciousness and gratitude rounding out the list-not in any particular order, though, they’re all sort of glomed together in the number two slot.
  • If I were to change professions at this point in my life I'd beome an attorney.
  • All of my Facebook friends are actually people I know and care about
  • One of my favorite quotes comes from John Stuart Mill: "The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily or mental, or spiritual. Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest."
  • I practice maitri and tonglen.
  • I am the least goal-oriented person you’re ever likely to meet.This obviously doesn't stop me from doing BIG things that matter to me.
  • in 2009, hypertensive, diabetic, packing on weight like mad due to the endless medication loop I was in, and afraid I was going to die, I had bariatric surgery and lost the weight of an entire human adult. I've maintained 95% of that. It was a powerful lesson about reaching out for help despite feeling ashamed and incredibly scared.
  • My greatest dream and aspiration: I envision a time when I'm part of a group of fabulous wise women and our primary work in life will be to teach younger women all that we know. If you share that vision, I'd love to talk with you. Soon, please. :)

What I believe:

  • I believe we're all courageous
  • I believe in love (bet you're surprised, huh?).
  • I believe in doing the right thing—always.
  • I believe relationships rule the day, and good relationships rule the world.
  • I believe that we’re all connected.
  • I believe we should all do good-even as we’re trying to do well.
  • I believe in relationships...long-term, strong, deep, and intense.
  • I believe there’s no such thing as coincidence.
  • I believe that every home needs a Jacuzzi. Or at least a really amazing soaking tub. I’m convinced there would be fewer divorces as a result.
  • I believe we are all powerful beyond measure, although most of us don’t believe it (we’re too afraid of being too big for our britches).
  • I believe that there’s something bigger than all of us out there, but I don’t care what anyone calls it.
  • I believe that if you get your foundation right, you can then riff off it in a million ways and things will most often work out well for you (and when they don't, you won't be shaken by it).
  • I believe every one of us needs faith, and that life without it, in some form, is desolate.
  • I believe every one of us needs some sort of practice that connects us with the cores of who we are.
  • I believe that each of us could have personal and professional standards that are higher than they are today.
  • I believe that if you have to "sacrifice" one thing to get another thing you want, something's screwed up. And I believe that the world needs fewer martyrs, and more people making conscious, unabashed and unreserved choices.
  • I believe that English should be made the official language of the United States (did you know it isn't?).
  • I believe diversity rocks, and we stand to learn a lot from one another.
  • I believe that in addition to the three Rs, kids in school should be actively taught things like relational maturity, self-love and self-care, how to be financially responsible, and how to commit to something bigger than they are. Since our children are our future, I believe we should be primarily concerned about raising them to be smart and good people.
  • I believe women can do very well in business without following the traditional male model of business. Actually, it's not just a belief. I'm living proof of it, and if I exist, many other woman do, too.
  • I believe that when there seem to be two options, you should always choose the third because that's where the magic is.

Why you should get to know me

Maybe we’re meant to work together. Maybe we’re meant to become fast friends. Maybe you’re meant to write a glowing piece about me and my work for the Times. It’s different for everyone. Find out… say hi!

Contact info:

p: 410/205-6205 (feel free to call, but do notice when you get my voicemail that I say you'll get me faster if you email me!). To see about scheduling a time to talk with me, please call my assistant, Nicole : 508/823-8903.
e: a at anastaciabrice dot com
a: 76 Cranbrook Rd., Suite 192; Cockeysville, MD 21030


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