Info about me. The authentic me. Not the bs you’d expect to read about my degrees, pedigrees, and the like.
AssistU is my company. When I founded it in ’97 I formalized the Virtual Assistance profession. We’ve come a long way, baby. Get info here about working with the world’s finest Virtual Assistants, or how we can help you become one. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on there, we’re the industry leader, damn fine at what we do, and we can help you.
I’ve been coaching professionally since 1997. Today, I offer groups for new, and experienced Virtual Assistants, one-on-one coaching to women in a variety of life/work/business circumstances, and I also provide on-the-spot coaching for people who just need a little bit of me, rather than an ongoing relationship. In coaching, I can help you live a better life, run a better business, or just be a better you.
Self-care Salon - Join us!
My business blog, showing Virtual Assistants the cure for the common VA practice is found in having increasingly higher standards.
Love Lavishly - because love *is* the higher law.
Reach out. You know what to do. Here’s how to do it.

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